We Move // Out now

Hi. I'm on a plane. On my way home to Dublin. The album just came out. Holy shit!!

People ask me a lot about change. Why i'm always changing. I'm not changing just for the sake of it. I'm working to do what everyone is trying to do, get closer to the person I want to be.

When I started doing this, making music, I was shy and anxious and had no confidence, it's taken me years to grow and understand what I needed to do and how to do it. It's taken me years to feel strong enough as a person and as a musician to be able to make the exact thing that I wanted to make without fearing it or backing away to safer ground. Hopefully when you hear the album you'll understand what i'm talking about. I'm proud it exists.

Thank you to my partners in crime Nineteen85, Two Inch Punch, Frank Dukes, Jimmy Douglass, Ross Dowling. Thanks to my family for letting me be who I want to be. Thanks to you for letting me be who I want to be.


We Move Album Pre-stream

My new record drops next week. If you want to hear it before then, click on this link then follow the instructions. Find the location nearest to you, go to that location, find a nice quiet place, really get into your feelings, and then use the link to hear the album before anyone else on the planet. Don't say I never take care of you. J X


(don't forget your headphones)