We Move


Let me start from the beginning.

I have a new record. It’s called We Move. It comes out worldwide worldwide worldwide worldwide on September 2nd (I was doing like an echo canyon thing with the worldwides… did that not land?..)

It was executive produced by myself and Nineteen85, with production coming from both of us, Two Inch Punch, and Frank Dukes. It was mixed by Jimmy Douglass, John O’Mahony, and Ross Dowling.

The first single, Rising Water, was produced by Nineteen85.

I’ve started writing this letter about 8 times now, I haven’t gotten past half way yet. Because I do want to explain the record that I’ve made to anyone who’s reading this. But more than wanting to explain it, I really really really don’t want to explain it at all ….Does that make sense? probably not…

In the past I would have gone into crazy detail about each and every aspect of it. But everything about this record is different. So I need to do everything different.

The only thing I want to say right now is this. I’m not the most confident person. It’s something I’ve struggled with all my life. All of my musical heroes put themselves out there on records in such a candid black and white way, which just felt like something that was a world away for me. Every time I’ve made an album before this one, I’ve worked so hard to shroud the thing in metaphor and imagery, until I’m so blurred in the picture that even I can barely see myself in it. And I’m eternally proud of those albums, but I always wished I’d been strong enough to put myself out there on the line. I was taking safe roads because honestly I was terrified
In every part of this new album I see myself. I hear it in every lyric and every note. And it’s still fucking terrifying. But it’s exactly what I needed to make. Because I can’t be the person I want to be, or the musician I want to be, unless I pursue what I hear without hesitation.

When I was first starting work on this album I wrote 2 things on a page. I still have the page. The first was ‘We move. Or we don’t. We change. Or we stay the same’. Which kind of became the anchor of the entire record, and was where I found the title.

And the second was ‘there is no reason why dancing and real life need to be mutually exclusive things’. Which also definitely applies.